San Pedro Football Club beats Juve to a Pulp
On Sunday July 21st, 1996 at Ambergris Stadium the San Pedro Football Club was victorious once again in their game against Juventud Benquena (Juve). Within the first 7 minutes Orlando Pinelo scored the first goal for the San Pedro Football Club. The home team played aggressively as they went on to score six more goals and injuring the goalkeeper of the Juve team. They left no room for Juve to pickup at least one goal.

This game was so easy that the San Pedro players seemed to be at a work out session rather than a match being played. The Juve team put up a weak defence as they tried to stop San Pedro from scoring. This was to no avail. The game was a hot one. Not even the rain which came down was able to cool down the home boys as they tore Juve to shreds. Juve’s players looked to the sky as they prayed for mercy. There was definitely no mercy as Orlando Pinelo scored a second goal. At that point the crowd cheered loudly. The game continued and with fifteen minutes left in the first half the keeper of Juve’s team advanced forward to try and stop the home team from scoring and he too was knocked to the ground. The crowd went silent as they waited to see if he would recover. He recovered, but was unable to stop more goals from being scored on him. Could this be due to the blow he sustained when he collided with the other player from San Pedro? None the less he tried.

In the second half of the game Juve woke up and began playing a more defensive game but this did not stop the aggressors from scoring - five minutes into the second half of the game #7 Raul "Coco" Gonzalez scored an auto goal. This was because he kicked the ball and it went through the air and off one of Juve’s team members head and directly into the net. Thirty minutes into the second half #12, Oscar Pinelo scored another goal. This made a total of four goals for the San Pedro team. Orlando Pinelo scored the fifth goal by tearing into the net on the penalty shot that he was given.

Time was going and if Juve was to score a goal they had to do it quickly. Juve’s players scampered over the field desperately to score a goal for themselves and try and stop this hurricane from scoring anymore goals. As the

The San Pedro Football Team

two teams jostled in front of the goal posts of Juve the crowd went wild. #13 had an opportunity to score a goal but missed out on that. The crowd went crazy. That was compensated for by #7 "Coco" scoring a goal. Goalkeeper Delmar Sutherland was relieved of his duties as the lonely "Maytag repairman" so that he could go out and score goals, seeing that he was not busy trying to stop them.

His replacement was Omar Guerrero who was the designated replacement. Next in line for his moment of glory was Sutherland as he drove across the field in high gear with the ball and landed it directly into the net. When Sutherland scored his goal his team mates all crowded him and gave him pats of congratulations. This was the nail in the coffin as the game came to a close with the final score being San Pedro 7 and Juve 0.

In other games played on Sunday between Verdes and Corozal in Corozal Town, Verdes was victorious 3 to 0. In the game between Yabra and Acros which was played in Belize City, Acros was victorious with 3 and Yabra 2. Juventus played Santels in Cayo and the game was a
draw - 3 to 3.

With this win the San Pedro Football Club maintains the lead with 29 points followed by Verdes with 26 points, Juventus with 23 points and Acros with 21 points. With Acros’ win over the weekend this automatically qualifies them for the semi finals. What it looks like is the semi-finals will begin with San Pedro playing Acros and Verdes will play Juventus.

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